Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Swanage Pier Dives 11th September 2022

Waves Shape

Whilst some of the club went out on the Divers Down boat for some wreck diving, Rod accompanied Jo and Dylan under the pier to hone their photography skills.

The first dive was under the main pier. We found lots of small Tompot Blennies, colourful shrimps, and one shy lobster

The second dive took us under the old pier, with just the wooden supports left standing. This was a really interesting dive which passed through fields of sea grass and shoals of small fry. Velvet crabs were abundant, and a single purple nudibranch was spotted. On our way back under the main per we came across a very tame Pipe Fish who wasn’t bothered about our presence at all!

These were two very relaxed and pleasant dives in 2-3m of 18 deg C water, which proves that you don’t have to go to 30m to see interesting critters and have an enjoyable day!


Pics curtesy of Dorothée (surface cover) and Dylan

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