Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Pembrokeshire weekend- May 2022

Waves Shape

Ten club divers (plus some partners) battled their way through Jubilee holiday traffic to get to Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire for 2 days hard-boat diving with Pembrokeshire Boat Charters. Conditions were excellent, with the sun shinning and the wind dropping for both days, making for very pleasant boating and stress-free diving.

Kit preparation

Waiting for slack

Having Marine Conservation Zone Protected Status (and therefore no-take), the life underwater was supersized! Big lobsters, spider crabs and scallops were abundant, and Cat Sharks were so numerous it was hard avoiding bumping into them. An octopus was spotted by eagle-eyed Karen, and a seal fell in love with Danna’s fins. Nudis and flatworms made an appearance for the macro lovers, and the reefs were covered in colourful sponges, bryozoans, sea cucumbers, anemones and glowing seaweeds.

Danna and the seal

Although the viz was not great, the relatively shallow depths (18m max) meant that plenty of sunlight came through to illuminate the reefs. The Dakotian turned out to be quite a large wreck, and for those that drifted off it there was a second wreck to explore nearby .

The scenery was stunning, with floatilas of puffins and razorbills making the most of the calm sea.

As with all dive trips, food was high up the agenda, and the skippers mate came up trumps providing us with half-time bacon butties to supplement the full english breakfasts noshed down at the B&B’s. Milford Haven Marina has plenty of  restaurants to chose from, and ‘Foam’ and ‘Martha’s Vinyard’ provided us with culinary delights in the evenings.

The crew at Foam restaurant

Dive 1: Stack Rock

Dive 2: Scommer Blackeye Wreck

Dive 3: Skokholm South

Dive 4: Dakotian (wreck)

We will be back!

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