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Bicester Sub-Aqua Club is over 40 years old. It was founded in 1978 by Dave Burden, an experienced diver who began running snorkeling lessons in the evening at Bicester swimming pool.

After one of these courses a number of the students expressed a desire to move further on and learn to scuba dive. They managed to persuade Dave to teach them and thus was born the first BSAC diving club at Bicester.

In these early days equipment had to be begged or borrowed and cobbled together as best they could. Much of the open water training was done at Stoney Cove where the only facilities at the time were the recompression chamber and a compressor. Much has changed since then!

After a while Dave Burden moved on to pastures new, including working on the Mary Rose project. At around this time the club benefited from an influx of experienced divers from the Banbury area which allowed the club to continue training, ensuring its long term survival and growth.

From these early days the club has grown from strength to strength, providing diving resources for all levels of diver, and with diving organised at home and abroad.

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