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Cromhall Quarry Diver Training Day

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The Bicester club started the 2022 season with shakedown and training days diving at the Cromhall Quarry dive site just South of Stroud.

It’s good to have a buddy to help

This little know site has come back into use and is the perfect place to shakedown and bring on ocean diver trainees. It is max 19m deep with a very wide gentle sloping beach area. Recently added is a new access platform so you can drop straight into the 19m area. There is also a submerged light aircraft and a helicopter to bimble around, as well as two shipping container / training platforms.

Taking the plunge with a giant stride

The club went with 8 divers. 2 instructors Adrian and Adam Clamp taking in 4 ocean diver trainee – Seb, Dylan, Jo and Peter. Experienced divers Steve and Dave came along to explore the place for the first time. They had a short detour to Chepstow on the way there as they missed junction 14 of the M5 and found themselves on auto pilot to the NDAC at Chepstow! After a turn around they got to see both ways over the old M4 bridge.


We all had a great day with a fry up of sausages at half time to prepare the body ready for the second dive into 7 degrees C of water temperature.

Half-time hot dogs

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