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Snorkelling is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water.

For both children and adults, snorkelling is a great introduction to underwater sports and can be the first step towards scuba diving.

“Snorkelling is a great introduction the wonders of the underwater world and perfect for families to enjoy together. ”

– BSAC’s President HRH The Duke of Cambridge is a keen supporter of BSAC snorkelling.

We can offer you the following:

Try Snorkelling

Test the water with an ‘Experience Snorkelling’ session!

If you have never tried snorkelling before, then the best place to start is an Experience Snorkelling session with Bicester BSAC. Experience Snorkelling is a fun trial session in the swimming pool where your BSAC instructor will introduce you to the basic snorkelling kit and skills.

Minimum age – 6 years

Cost £10 per person



Dolphin Snorkeller course

This course is aimed at younger children and introduces snorkelling via a series of seven progressive fun in water sessions. Each session is named after a different type of dolphin, and completion of a session results in the award of the corresponding dolphin sticker. Once students have collected a complete set of dolphin stickers, they can be awarded the grade of BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller.

Dolphin Snorkellers who wish to continue their snorkel training need only to purchase the Snorkel Diver manual and complete the Snorkel Diver classroom lessons and knowledge assessment to be awarded BSAC Snorkel Diver.

Minimum age – 6 years



Snorkel Diver course

There are classroom sessions to teach the theoretical knowledge of snorkelling, coupled with practical lessons in the pool or in sheltered water. The practical training is identical to the content of Dolphin Snorkeller. The training is structured and progressive, building skills and confidence.

Minimum age – 12 years





What gear will I need?

Basic equipment for snorkelling and training in a pool is just a mask, fins and a snorkel.

Bicester SAC will provide the equipment for trainee’s use.

Safe snorkelling requires quality equipment made for snorkelling or diving, so ensure that it is intended for the use. Avoid low quality equipment that may have an attractive price but may fall down on comfort, effectiveness and durability. Most people prefer to acquire their personal equipment.


Fit to snorkel?

Snorkelling requires a reasonable level of fitness and there are some medical conditions that may prevent someone taking up the sport.

Therefore, trainees need to complete the Snorkel self-declaration medical fitness form in your MyBSAC account before training can commence.

If there are any medical conditions revealed from the self-declaration that may need investigation, there is a process where prospective snorkellers can contact one of the UK Diving Medical Committee referees for guidance.


Why snorkel with Bicester SAC?

1. It’s great fun

BSAC has been working with young people for a very long time and knows how to deliver fun and enjoyable snorkel training courses that also build skill and confidence in the water.

2. You’ll be in safe hands

Since the 1950s the Snorkeller Training Programme has been updated and improved to keep pace with developments in equipment and snorkelling knowledge. The programme is designed to build confidence and self-reliance, whilst keeping safety uppermost.

3. Opportunity to progress

Skill development and recognition of achievement are important for children and adults alike. Learn to snorkel with BSAC and you get your own ‘Qualification Record Book’ which is updated by your instructor as you progress. There are also badges and certificates for each of the Snorkeller Training Grades.



  • Try Snorkelling – £10 for 1 session
  • Dolphin Snorkeller & Snorkel Diver courses – £51. This includes:
    • BSAC membership for 1 year
    • Bicester SAC membership for 1 year
    • Training pack
    • Use of pool on fortnighly club nights
    • Hire of snorkel equipment (mask, fins, snorkel and weight belt)
    • iScuba on-line monthly magazine
  • Additional training pack for progression from Dolphin Snorkeller to Snorkel Diver – £5.50

To get started…

Contact Dorothée for further infomation or to make a booking

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