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Whether you are looking to learn to dive or are already qualified and considering joining a UK club, we’re sure you have lots of questions!

If you can’t find the answers to your questions here please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Q: I have never been diving before and not sure if I will like it. How do I experience diving without buying lots of kit?

A: You can do a Try Dive in the comfort of an indoor heated pool. All kit will be provided for you. Please see our Try Scuba Diving page.

Q: How much does it cost to dive?

A: Please see our Membership page for details of costs. We have a selection of club kit that you can use for training (free) or club trips (for hire), but we do recommend that you buy your own mask and fins as a minimum, and a semi-dry or dry suit, as these need to be able to fit you correctly. Boat dives are usually around £50 per diver per day (2 dives per day) plus accommodation and transport getting there.

Q: How do I buy my own kit for diving?

A: There are plenty of on-line shops for buying dive kit, but we recommend using a local Dive shop such as ScubaDucks or Oxford Dive centre, as they will ensure you get the correct kit that fits you and your budget. There is a lot of second-hand kit available for sale on markets such as eBay, but seek advice from club members before buying as you may end up paying a lot for kit that needs servicing or does not fit you correctly.

Q: I have been trained to dive through another agency. Can I still join your club and dive?

A: Yes, we accept divers from all organisations. Please see the Already A Diver page and Crossover from other agencies page.

Q: My son / daughter wants to dive, but is 12 years old. Is this possible?

A: We can do Try Dive tasters for children from 12 years upwards, but we have a minimum age limit of 14 years for training due to the size of the kit required. Please see our Try Scuba Diving page and Ocean diver page or maybe consider a Snorkelling course

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