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Already a diver?

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Great – you’re in the right place – continue your scuba adventure with the Bicester Sub Aqua Club!

The great thing about already being qualified (as well as hopefully having a passion for the sport) is that it is easy to start diving with our club. Other agency qualifications are recognised (PADI, SSI, SAA, ScotSAC, NAUI etc) and no further training is necessary, unless you’d like progress further through a BSAC qualification.

You can do further training if you wish…

If you would like to further your training with a BSAC qualification, your diver grade is recognised so you can progress to the next higher BSAC grade (no need to retrain you can simply progress). So, for example…

If you are PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water qualified

These qualifications are similar to BSAC Ocean Diver
Your next training course/qualification would be: BSAC Sports Diver

PADI Rescue Diver

This is similar to: BSAC Sports Diver

Your next training course/qualification would be: BSAC Dive Leader

Have another qualification?

BSAC recognises many other agency qualifications. See the BSAC equivalent scuba qualifications chart to find out your BSAC equivalent. Remember, if you’re already qualified, there is no requirement to do further training unless you’d you’d like to.

Haven’t dived in the UK?

If you haven’t dived in the UK before that’s absolutely fine. We can teach you everything you need to know. The Bicester club can help you with a little extra training if necessary – such as drysuit training or a general refresher if you haven’t been diving for a while and need to refresh your scuba skills. Or, you can progress to the next diver grade should you wish.

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Contact us to arrange a visit or to come diving with us! Find out where Bicester Sub Aqua Club could take your diving and social life!

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